We are KITESEASON CK, a travel agency engaged in sports activities in powerkiting - teaching of Kiteboarding and Snowkiting not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. We organize Snowkiting courses and trips abroad in our selected destinations. We also organize team-building events for company clients according their individual requests. For more information on individual events look at the links on our website. We have bankruptcy insurance and a license deed ...

What do we do?

Summer courses of kiteboarding mainly in coastal destinations such as Sicily or Norway, where there are excellent conditions for teaching this kind of sport activity, that is shallow water, steady wind and a safe area. We provide accommodation, kite courses and other activities. On the winter spot in Moldava in North Bohemia we enjoy the spacious areas for teaching, ideal wind and snow conditions. We organize trips for beginners as well as for the advanced to Norway, where you can enjoy one of the best kite-riding in the world ever.

What can we teach you?

Efficiently and safely we will introduce you to kiteboarding and snowkiting. We will teach you effective piloting of the inflatable airlock kites, windwindow theory, correct body positioning and movement at control of dragons. You will also learn the necessary safety procedures, handling dragon and you will discover how security is important in this sport. Security therefore is given a great emphasis. You will learn to discern the most appropriate place and wind conditions for training with your dragon. You will learn the art of the ride and will be taught how to eliminate mistakes typical for beginners.

Who will teach you? Meet with us:

Radek Blažek - Bimrs

Organization of kite courses, trips, camps, Instructor IKO.

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