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How to get to Sicily :

Youcan fly with the low-cost airline company Ryanair from all of the Euourope. For online booking of air tickets visit the websites

Direct lines to Sicily Trapani Birgi from this destinations :

  • Czech & Slovakia : Prague   - 2,5 hod. direct flight
  • Italy : Rome, Bologna, Milan, Pisa, Turin, Venice, Parma
  • Poland : Krakow, Warsaw
  • Germany: Baden, Frankfurt
  • Austria: Vienna
  • Europe - direct flight from whole Europe to Palermo or Trapani Birgi

The ticket prices vary depending on how much ahead you book them. The closer your desired departure date, the more expensive the flight. If you like the ticket for € 85, book it and buy it as soon as possible as the price hardly ever fall down.

After payment for the ticket the company sends you an email with the itinerary of your flight as well as with the flight number. Then it´s very important to do the ONLINE CHECK IN accessible on the company website. 

The clients who are accomodate with us, we are organizing the transports from the airport.

How to find us:

Our Kiteseason base is located near the village of Birgi Vecchi. Coordinates our base : 37.886208, 12.471203

How to buy the food, and how : 

Kiteseason base / accommodation is located in the old village of Lo Stagnone, so shopping trips are too far by walk, we recommend renting a bike, or car.:

  • our offer car rentals and bike rentals can be found in the main menu
  • carefree breakfast you can use baker who distributes fresh bakery products to our contracted ccomodations,
  • coffee, breakfast, lunch, drinks and all kinds of snacks are available on our kiteseason bar on the spot, which is opened from this year 2016,
  • for buy the food visit SISA Supermarcato - Opening hours 8:00 to 12:00 Siesta 17:00-20:00 - Sunday closed. Here you can buy all the necessary materials for your culinary products. Vegetables are directly opposite the SISA. GPS coordinates - 37.872458, 12.494107

  • independent
  • Air ticket 50 – 250 €
    Kiteseason price

Kiteseason insight:

Air connection is not extra comfortable but the departures are on time. It is necessary to be on the airport at least an hour ahead the departure due to the to the check-in. Applies only to departures from all the Europe. The ticket price does not include refreshments. Seats are positioned very close behind each other which can cause problems to high people. In this case we recommend you priority boarding (you enter the plane as the first one) or to make a reservation seats in the front rows with more space for your legs. Anyway the flight between Bratislava and the island of Sicily lasts just for 2 hours, isn´t it beautiful? .... We look forward to you !!!


Main season / 1.4. - 30.10.

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Accommodation in Sicily

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Accommodation in this part of Sicily island is chosen strategically 10 min away from the airport in a traditional village surrounded by vineyards with a typical Sicilian atmosphere


We choose variability accommodation is always so that in the shortest possible distance from the airport and place suitable for kiteboarding. The apartments are located in a common Sicilian village of Birgi Vecchi. Every morning, the baker stops in front of your apartment with fresh pastries during the day greengrocer and of course ice cream. This is sicily

Sicily kite courses

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Shallow water and heat - ideal conditions for teaching kiteboarding !!


Direct Flights from Prague, Bratislava, Frankfurt, Poland  !!




Kiteboarding courses performed continuously from spring to autumn !!





Come on to this beautiful island, where the wine is cheaper than water. Air connection from north Europe is straight and fast. Fantastic food, great kiteboarding. beautiful no tourist location, shallow water.