Sicily kite courses


Kiteboarding courses

  •       We teach adults, children and all who are interested to try this addictive sport (starting age from 9 to 10 years, depending on the physical construction ..)
  •       We choose 2,3,4 - 7 day kiteboarding courses. The course plan, compared to other destinations, is that you spend it with your kite mostly in water- from the very beginning till the end. Shallow water and perfect wind conditions are just what we need. Type of the course is set according to your previous skills which means we  adjust the training program individually.
  •       Ideal conditions for new kiters, shallow water, safe area and a steady wind.
  •       Courses of kiteboarding run continuously every year from the 1st April  until the end of October.
  •       Beginners start according to the start of the training plan. The basic course of kiteboarding can quarantee ideal wind conditions in almost 90%.
  •       Our students can use facilities at the beach over the entire time of the course. For training we use the equipment from  OZONE and MYSTIC which means you can try these toys while learning.
  •       Organization of teambuilding in Sicily includes the full service.


Price list of courses/ RENTAL SERVICE

Price list of kiteboarding courses in Sicily

kiteboarding course 1 students / 1 instructor - 2 hours ............... € 140 / person

kiteboarding course 1 students / 1 instructor - 4 hours ............... € 230 / person

kiteboarding course 1 students / 1 instructor - 6 hours ............... € 320 / person

kiteboarding course 1 students / 1 instructor - 8 hours ............... € 410 / person

In case the course couldn´t be realized due to unsuitable weather conditions, you will be automatically given the money back.

In case the participant cancels lesson on the day of the lesson, the remaining hours of the same day will be cancelled as well.



Price of kiteboarding lessons  includes:

All the equipment necessary for kiteboarding, kites of these sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,17, harness, kiteboard, helmet with radio for online couching, protective boots into the water, free entrance on the kite base including services.

Price of kiteboarding does not include:

Accommodation, transport, insurance - we can provide it to you within CK Kiteseason, all services ...

What is needed for kiteboarding course in Sicily?

The bedrock is mostly a mix of sand, grass and mud thus we recommend you taking shorts or clothes into the water having got dirty from sand or mud you will not regret it. Furthermore, we higly recommend sunglasses tied on a rubber band or a string, sunscreen lotion and a headgear. Lycra or cotton T-shirt for body protection.

When kiteboarding you may encounter jellyfish and other underwater creatures. Thus girls, children and people with sensitive skin should wear elastic pants for your leg protection. We have a few pieces of such pants available anytime for you.



Kite rental service is only for experienced kiters or our customers having passed the course, who have absolute control over the kite and who is independent on the instructor.

Package Kite komplet 3 days          ................       140€ ideal for those who is travel without bags

Package Kite komplet 5 days          ................       200€ ideal for those who is travel without bags

Kite Ozone + board + harness        ................          60€ / day        or         50€  3 hours   

Kite Ozone                                            ...............          50€ / day        or         40€  3 hours 

Kiteboard 124 - 160 cm                     ..…………..          15€ / day       

Neopren / Trapez ( harness )          .................         10€ / day



  •        Package kite complet included:

    • 3 or 6 daily rental kite set - kite in the range of 6-14 square meters, Harnes, board 135-160 cm,
    • package is suitable for those who wants to travel without kite bags,  for kite baggage will pay 60 Euros !!!
    • it is necessary that the package is selected day by day,
    • the size of the kites can be changed in one day maximum one time
    • is necessary to report nr. of the packages before oyur holiday
  •       In case of damage of the kite, you will pay extra money for repair of the kite according extent of the damage.
  •       In case of complete destruction of the kite or lost the kitboard will be charged 50% off the regular price ...
  •       Possibility to change the size of the kite or the board, as agreed at the kite base ...



  • 2 - 7 days
  • course 230 €
    Kiteseason price

Kiteseason insight:

Come on to this beautiful island, where the wine is cheaper than water. Air connection from north Europe is straight and fast. Fantastic food, great kiteboarding. beautiful no tourist location, shallow water.


Main season / 1 . 4. - 30.10. every year

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